-Dom –Cherry Hill, NJ

“As a business owner this was not only perfect timing, but a perfect solution for anyone. We were looking for business funding company that is also compatible with Crescent Credit Card Processing as we did not want to switch credit card processors. Business was getting pretty tough for me with the downturn in the economy and I thought I was out of options until I was referred to Advantage Business Funding Service by my accountant. I called them that night, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if AMC was the right choice, but if you just take 10 minutes, and talk with someone over there, you’ll learn pretty quickly that these guys are not only know what they’re doing, but make a living out of providing affordable solutions, and service for the small business of America. I love these guys!”

-Sal -Bethpage, NY

“Funding in 7 days? I thought it was impossible, especially after getting my applications declined by my local
bank and other companies. I am forever grateful that Advantage Business Funding Service was able to help me when I needed it
the most. You guys are the best. It was a pleasure working with you.”

-Jay -Ithaca

“Business was slow. My vendors were owed money, my payroll funds were tight. I was strapped for cash at the time.
With the economy the way it’s been lately I was concerned that I would have to close the doors unless I came up
with some quick cash. I just needed some cushion for 3 months before my busy season came. Advantageed Merchant
Capital was able to give me the money I needed to float my business during our slow time. Our busy season is
now here and we’re putting our profits in the bank instead of paying late bills thanks to Advantageed Merchant

Must process a minimum of $5,000 of
   sales/revenue deposit transactions per month.

  • Monthly Sales & Revenue?

  • How long have you been in business?


We provide working capital
solutions for businesses who
have limited access to
traditional financing.